Information about this website

General information

  • I have been running my Czech website for about 2 years already and I was thinking about creating a website in English too, since it will provide me a way to reach more potential readers.
  • ... and there it is! The content of this website is similar to the Czech one – computers, networking, internet and such things.
  • If we go more into detail, there will be articles, tools, utilities or blogposts regarding topics mentioned above. But it's possible that I will make and publish something completely different here someday! :-)
  • I will make a note to the News and updates page whenever I make some (at least a bit significant) changes, so you can see the "development progress" of this website there, if you want.


  • If you want to contact me for whatever reason, you can do so on the e-mail address mentioned below.
  • I'm glad for any recommendations, improvement suggestions, bug reports etc. regarding this website.
  • I don't gurantee you that I will reply to all e-mails, but I'll at least read them.

Address: kontakt(-AT-)ethernetlord(-DOT-)eu

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